A Motivating Time

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January 3, 2013 by nancythriving

I AM INSPIRED. I have been eating very high raw lately, making large amounts of green juice and smoothies! My roommates are making shifts in their diets that coincide with my ideals, which helps me tremendously. I just love having a day filled with real, wholesome, energetic foods.
I created a green smoothie that I love to whip up in the morning, consisting of coconut water, two bananas, kale, and fresh orange juice. It is DELIGHTFUL.
Unfortunately, I have returned to drinking coffee and alcohol with regularity, which is stealing my vitality every day. Both of these addictions make me crave foods like bread, sweets, and salty snacks, and being under their influence makes it easier for me to say yes to my cravings. It’s a scary thing, and I hope that consuming more green juice will make it easier to let go of them again. I feel like I was finally FREE when I stopped consuming coffee and alcohol. It is not worth the price I pay, in exchange for a few hours of fun.


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