My First Raw Party

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September 19, 2012 by honestlyraw

I recently hosted a surprised “raw new start” party to celebrate my best friend’s move to California.  She is the only other person I know who eats like me, mostly raw.  The guest’s were family member’s who are unacquainted with raw cuisine.  It was a fight convincing them to NOT bring meat or cooked food of any kind to the party.  No pop, beer or any other non raw item.  My dad told me a few days out that he would have pizza and hot dogs for those who didn’t want raw.  I told him “if they want something other than raw then they’d need to eat before they come.”  He thought it was a mistake but agreed.

The party was an absolute success!  My friend was totally surprised (I can’t believe it wasn’t leaked) and everyone loved the food.  They constantly commented on how good everything tasted and were asking for the recipes.  It created a totally new awareness for them.

My dad was glad he didn’t offer any food alternative.

The food included: “Spiralized” zucchini, yellow squash and butternut squash with an amazing raw pasta sauce / taco’s with raw cheese / banana ice cream / raw cheese cake with raspberry topping.

Drinks included: Homemade almond milk / coconut water / Pellegrino







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