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August 28, 2012 by nancythriving

My list of foods that I have yet to be able to resist is very specific.
Pizza, iced caramel lattes, steak salad, tortilla chips, french fries, salt and vinegar chips, and any chocolate-cake type desserts. I know it is shameful to admit, but almost every day for like the past month I’ve had one of these. As soon as I eat them, I regret it. If I am satisfied at all, after a half an hour I feel LIKE CRAP.
Green juice is the answer to this problem. When I have a full 32 ounces of green juice, I feel clean and energized. More than that though, I don’t crave the junk so hard core next time. Today, I had a great day of eating raw until I opened the cupboard and the chips grabbed my attention.
As I was eating them, I did take note that I was not getting full or satisfied. Only my taste buds were reacting excitedly. When I was done, I was thirsty and still hungry, and I felt depressed. Luckily I still had the energy for a bike ride.
I feel like, because of the vegetable juices we’ve been having lately, the cravings are slowly simmering down, my satisfaction after indulging is turning into regret, and my ability to resist is getting stronger.


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