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August 27, 2012 by honestlyraw

I love the raw lifestyle.  For the first time in my life, I feel like I am on a plan which will keep me healthy and slim and not dependent upon my will power to maintain those desired results.

With that said, and as much as I love raw food, I have been unable to go fully raw.  I still have my cheats. Questions is – are the cheats something I crave or more simply, am I satisfying a spoiled little brat?  Meat has not been a problem avoiding.  It’s the pizza and chips with (raw) salsa fixes where I struggle.

Eating clean and burning clean energy has been amazing!  Truly – amazing!  So why muck it up with the dead weight?

My parents have made a switch to more vegetables, green drinks and smoothies due to the success I have had.  However, they do tend to cook their vegetables more often than clean raw consumption.  And my mom, being the nurturing person she is, brings me a lot of her cooked vegetable meals.  She does not use fats (oils and butters) when preparing these most excellent meals but I do notice a tendency to seek the dark side after eating a substantial cooked meal.  The craving usually hits the next day and usually in the evening.

All-in-all, my raw journey has been, and I’m quite certain will remain, a work-in-progress.  A simple string of healthy/non-healthy decision’s and the outcomes they produce.  This line of thought helps remind me how I am not a victim.  I decide how to live.  It’s the same with my walk with Christ.  Accept or reject – this is my daily choice.


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