Fruits and Herbs – Is it really that insane?!


August 11, 2012 by honestlyraw

I’ve recently switched to a predominantly fruits & herbs lifestyle.  I had and still have many questions and there are multitudes of people with answers.  To the point of “OMG are you serious?”  “You need meat protein and milk calcium to create a healthy existence.”  “Go easy on that sugary fruit…” “This superfood powder product contains all you need!” On and on and on and on….aaarrrgghhh.  I’m thinking it’s fruits and vegetables!!  That’s all I’m doing.  Is it really so dangerous?  When did this become tricky.  How far have we perverted our eating to think these natural, earth source’s of food are dangerous.  We can shove quarter pounders, french fries and a milk shakes in us day after day, week after week and year after year, but switch to a fruit and herb regiment and people think you have a death wish.

I will tell you this, my 399 blood sugar reading has dropped to 108 in under four months – no meds.  My 195-200lb weight has leveled off around 155lbs.  My 34 waist now borders between 30/31  I no longer feel my knees going up and down steps or getting out of my car.  My energy levels surpass any amount of caffeine I could pump into my body.  I wake up between 7-8am and no longer have to snooze my way out of bed.


3 thoughts on “Fruits and Herbs – Is it really that insane?!

  1. Doug Rice says:

    Kudos to you, man! I started eating (mostly) natural foods about 2 months ago and have dropped 15-20 pounds without ANY change to my level of physical activity. But that’s not even the cool part. The cool part is that I FEEL better. I eat less and still have a lot more energy. There’s definitely something to this “raw foods” thing.

    • honestlyraw says:

      Definitely something to this raw thing. I’m not big on exercising but after I shed roughly 20lbs, and with the higher energy levels, I’m finding it harder not to get out and do something. Here’s to sticking with what works!

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